This is not a cliché.

We want you

Bun de dear collaborator,

we are looking for people who not only want a job, but are also searching for incentives to grow and have interesting experiences from a human point of view. Because for us a collaborator is a guest, a guest of our House and a part of our enlarged family.

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A welcome culture beyond hospitality

We aim to create wellbeing by focusing on people: taking care of others is what gives us pleasure. With hospitality I take on the world of the other person: culture, religion, belonging, history. And I put the other person in a position to know and welcome my culture, religion, belonging and history. The House orients its attitude according to three cardinal values: careful consideration, attentive focus and thoughtful responsibility.

The Economy for the Common Good
The success of companies should be measured not only by their turnover, but above all by their commitment to the common good, the good of all.
The fundamental elements of this are: human dignity, solidarity and social justice, environmental sustainability, transparency and co-management.
We stick to this evaluation system and process since 2012.

What we offer
Continuous training and personal development
Free board and lodging (breakfast, lunch, dinner also on days off)
Discounts in some restaurants
Free access to the swimming pool and gym
Special prices for beauty treatments and massages
Reduced prices for overnight stays in the three hotels (Hotel La Perla, Berghotel Ladinia, Albergo Posta Marcucci) of the Costa Family also for family members