This is not a cliché.


An oasis of happiness

Two is the magic number. Two rooms where discretion comes first. Two rooms which are ideal for bedtime stories. Two pockets of peace and calm ennobled by well-thought details. Perhaps a novel would not suit these rooms – but short stories, considered by some the highest form of literature, will do just nicely. Take a seat, relax, and get ready to dive in. Cosy and welcoming, these ‘small’ 25-square-metre rooms are an exercise in taste, elegance, and simplicity. Unassuming, maybe, but with an ever so light and wondrous ambience – something to do with the exposed beams, the paintings on the wall, the refined style with a hint of the old Tyrol in the air. An oasis! Yes, that is it: two short stories which are an oasis of happiness. Guests will believe again in magic and wonder as soon as they step into one of these rooms and let themselves go to their warm embrace. Just like a child would, nodding off to the soothing sound of their parent telling them a bedtime story. Sweet dreams.