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04 September 2020

Where is the world running to?

The world runs, and we run with it; often without even knowing why.

Our run burns – and every summer we set fire to the Amazon, California, Sicily and the millions of woodlands around the globe. Glaciers melt and beautiful cities explode, the scent of cedar, a magnificent yet humble tree is swept away in the wake of the explosion.

The world may as well run, but what about everyone else? There are people who work hard – cutting hay is taxing, after all. But they do so slowly, soberly, dancing to life with ineffable grace. They are in full control. Animals need hay during winter, yes, but if the grass is not cut, the next year it will become inflexible hay. A slippery blanket as soon as it falls to the ground – a real danger in mountain meadows as it can cause avalanches.

A reckless race, where stopping and observing people going slowly can be a useful lesson. And, well, incredibly helpful, too.