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30 September 2020

The plum

Costa Family Foundation, Tibet

You cannot say Bertolt Brecht was not productive: in his work, his Songs with Lyrics also contained some dedicated to childhood, as proven by this beautiful poem, which holds a deep secret and which we love dearly. The plum is not your average tree, and the image of a choked plum in its growth by cement and the iron grill to make it sterile is an image of people not producing anything, suffering for lack of space and light by the restrictions imposed upon them (lack of freedom, no freedom of expression, difficulty in achieving one’s dreams, labour exploitation, victims of violence). This poem reflects real life in many areas in the world, where right are violated and reduced to token rights, when they are actually limiting life itself.

The Plum Tree

In the courtyard stands a plum tree,

It's so small, no one believes it.

It has a fence around it,

So no one can stomp on it.

The little tree can't grow,

Yes – it wants to grow!

No one talks about it;

It gets too little sun.

No one believes it's a plum tree

Because it doesn't have a single plum.

But it is a plum tree;

You can tell by its leaf.