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18 September 2020

The house wine

Our house wine is rigorously certified by Michil’s fingerprint on the label and a Ladin sentence for both white and red wines is not one you will find in a typical Italian tavern, ready to be served at a moment’s notice. Our wine has a very specific origin, namely South Tyrol, and is produced by our friends who prepare and bottle it for us without leaving anything to chance.

Our Pinot Noir is a red from the Castelfeder company in Bassa Atesina. A wine produced just for us using their Glener wine with the addition of their reserve, the Borgum Novum. This enables a fresh and enticing wine with notes of wild berries, just like the ones our guests pick when they visit us between August and September. The Ladin sentence on the label: A good red wine is the heritage of humanity.

Our Riesling is a white from the Strasserhof, Valle d'Isarco, probably the most known area for the production of this vine, made with their Geran wine, which needs rigid, austere, sever climates to thrive. Mineral and fresh, with notes of elderberry, whitethorn and notes of box – it delivers overall happiness and a titillating sensation on the palate. The Ladin sentence on the label: live in the moment with this glass of white. Vives!