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13 September 2020

Pippi Longstocking: seventy-five years old but as strong as ever

Pippi Longstocking is happy, strong, independent, clever, hard-working, and incredibly rich. She is known the world over, speaks fifty-four languages – including Zulu. She is fearless and is fine without her parents because nobody tells her when to go to sleep or teaches her good manners, which are useless if you are not good hearted. And Pippi has a heart of gold. So much so that her crazy adventures have made children all over the world happy, without distinction of race nor skin colour for a good seventy-five years. In 1945, with World War II having just ended, Astrid Lindgren published her zany stories told to her daughter, Katia, who suffered from pneumonia. Katia invented the character’s name and asked her mother to tell her a story every evening. Astrid did so, night after night, until she decided to put pen to paper, never once imagining that Pippi’s adventures would have toured the world, becomes one of the most read and known children’s books on the planet. Read her adventures and you too will become strong enough to lift a horse with your bare hands!