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19 September 2020

Is time money?

On Friday, 25 September, Bolzano will host the 12th Global Forum Südtirol, an annual convention dedicated to the analysis of global trends and diving deep into future topics with the aim of contributing to the developing of a long-term plan for South Tyrol. The topic of this year is: ‘Is time money?’ and aims to analyse if and how it is possible to change this paradigm in the economy, environment, and society. With the clock’s invention and the Industrial Revolution, our life has not followed the rhythm of nature, but at the ticking of time. Suddenly, time was associated and measured based on a new criterion: money. Since then, we stopped distinguishing between natural time and what the clock tells us, and every minute of our life is influenced by its ticking: sleep, work, food, and leisure.

Speakers include Jonas Geissler, a researcher of time, Simon Gietl, extreme mountaineer, Charlotte Lockhart and Andrew Barnes, entrepreneurial philanthropists, and Michil Costa who will be presenting his own personal vision of time based on a famous song: The Times They Are a-Changin'.