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29 September 2020

Credit where credit is due: the Bel Paese (part 4)

Olivo Barbieri, Las Vegas

A wealth of beauty – and yet it terrifies me. This is how Rome stops working, how people with too much become arrogant, while in Brussels everyone can use bikes for free during the first thirty minutes of their trip, while in Rome everyone steals bikes. Toursits go to Amsterdam where cycling has become a trend. They rebuilt the Hallstatt in China, and in Las Vegas tourists visit San Marco Square – what do you think about asking the Japanese to replicate the Palio di Siena in Tokyo? That way, they could visit our cities. But we have to prepare for their arrival, know who they are, and tell them not to go around our cities in flip flops and shorts. No take-away cappuccino because even our guests need to be educated now and then. We do not have to reinvent the wheel – we already have everything, we can count on two thousand years of history – more, actually – that deserve to take centre stage, deserve to be communicated well, and managed even better. It is all about good manners and teaching ourselves good manners to be aware of this ‘the great Beauty’ which all starts with us. Time to roll up our sleeves and give Italy the hospitality it deserves:

‘Welcome to Italy, welcome to the Bel Paese!’

Michil Costa (thoughts based on ‘Rifondare l’Italia sulla bellezza’, Emilio Casalini)