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23 September 2020

Credit where credit is due: the Bel Paese (part 3)

Gabriele Basilico, Sezioni del paesaggio italiano

I believe we do not appreciate all we have. We have a coveted, dreamed and filmed of country, described by great poets and directors, represented and made immortal by great artists. Our outstanding craftsmanship? Just think of Burano lace or coopers, or the famed master violin makers of Cremona. We boast the best food in the world, they copy us everywhere and make more money off it than we do. We have farmsteads which work, thousands of small companies and families who work hard, sumptuous hotels. We are a creative people but we sell companies while Made in Italy still has a great appeal – but all we do is ask what we should invest on in the future. We have great stuff going on, but why is it we do not feel like we belong to our Bel Paese? I believe we do not appreciate all we have – nor ourselves. We do not take care of our country, our immense artistic and cultural heritage. If we are to excel in hospitality, we have to believe in ourselves as a community even before politics, as it continues to sleep sweet dreams. We have to and can imagine a different future, different from the misery and neglect that represent our present: a better future is possible.

Michil Costa (thoughts based on ‘Rifondare l’Italia sulla bellezza’, Emilio Casalini)