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08 September 2019

Thank you nonna

The new kitchen is like a powerful sports car: you have to know how to handle it and we, day after day, are getting more and more in tune with this completely renovated space. The passion for my job was born when leafing through the recipe booklet that my grandmother kept in the kitchen. Her pancakes remain for me not only an indelible memory but also an exquisite dessert. I have worked here in the hotel on several different occasions and have been with Chef Nicola in the Stüa de Michil for three seasons now. I don't have a particular predilection for an ingredient, a product or a dish. I like it when something stimulates the palate: so I try to retain that flavour, that feeling and turn it into a memory to emerge in some subsequent elaboration or creation. I think I'm a simple person, I come from a country town in the province of Padova and I know I'm both ambitious and a little self-critical at the same time. I like to put the bar rather high and if I can't get over it then I'm in trouble! I mean in trouble with myself, for I find myself analysing myself and reproaching myself for this and that. Maybe that's how I keep going and loving my work!