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02 September 2019

Special effects in the La Stüa de Michil

This is the black vialone rice with red turnip, with smoked eel and green horseradish popcorn. It is one of the dishes on the eight-course menu called Symbol as proposed by the Stüa de Michil. Vialone rice, known as black because it comes from a type of dark ear, is the father of the best Italian rice and is still remembered by our grandparents as the special rice for preparing Sunday risotto. Thanks to the turnip, the dish has an intense purplish red colour: the smoked eel, pressed and cut into flakes, is placed on the rice. As a special effect, chef Nicola Laera decided to accompany the dish with white frozen popcorn with green horseradish. And every now and then he pulls out a Fender Stratocaster and embarks on a solo of those as it should be at full volume.