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14 September 2019

Saying it with a smile

With a smile I accepted to become the manager of the Spa here at La Perla, and this despite my young age. Perhaps it was a smile to sweeten emotions, fears and thoughts of responsibility. I have been here in the hotel since 2017 and before I was elsewhere and in charge of the treatment cabins, doing massages and treatments. Always with a smile, I think of my mother, she who wanted me to study for a safe and secure job. Instead, passion for a particular interest led me to study in a school of aesthetics in the morning and in the afternoon to work in a wellness centre. After a while there, the owner there wanted me to take over the management of the centre, but I wanted to travel, gain experience, find a way that would take me far. Thinking of Fossalta in Portogruaro, a village where not much happens, I smile a big smile. It will always be my village and my family to whom I am very attached are still there. With another smile, I think of the experiences I had in Cogne and Courmayeur in Valle d'Aosta, mountains so different from the Dolomites. With a knowledgeable I know embrace these rocks of the Dolomites, which have won over my heart. And with a final smile, I like to think that I have my whole life ahead of me and I want to live it with joy.

Eugenia, responsible for the Spa


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