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21 September 2019

Saffron yellow

A gourmet evening dedicated to afghan women

The summer season at Hotel La Perla ends with a charity dinner in the Michelin star restaurant La Stüa de Michil, this year dedicated to a project that is very important to us. We have named it Giallo Fiducia (Yellow Trust) and it is aimed at Afghan women who have been fighting for freedom of thought, speech and action for over forty years. For the women of this tormented country, education, deprived as they are of all rights, can remain a mirage for a lifetime. The project 'Giallo Fiducia', born from a close working collaboration with the 'Association Gruppi Insieme si può' (Together We Can is the name of the Group Association) based in Belluno and the 'Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan' (RAWA), consists in organising the collection and production of saffron with the women of Herat, a city in western Afghanistan sadly known for being one of the epicentres of the armed clashes between the Taliban, extremist groups and NATO forces. The objectives are multiple: to raise awareness of women's employment, to move away from opium cultivation, but above all to create a secure source of income for women with dependent families.

The guest of honour for the evening is Selay Ghaffar, human rights activist in Afghanistan and ambassador of the Afghan Solidarity Party. Selay is one of the most influential people on the rights to women, rights that the Taliban trampled on. She escaped at the age of just thirteen from her country, fled to Pakistan, and returned to Afghanistan to stand by the women of her country. Even when young, she began her battle for respect for human rights and still carries it forward with tenacity, strength and initiative. An intelligent and fascinating woman, during the evening she will tell us about her experience as an activist. It is a great honour and pleasure for us to have her as our guest.

But she is not the only protagonist of an evening that starts at 7 p.m. with an aperitif in Ciasa Vedla and continues in Stüa de Michil with a four-course dinner and the same number of matching wines. In the kitchen next to our chef Nicola Laera will be Egon Heiss, an acclaimed chef, who after travelling halfway around the world now works in the Alpes restaurant of the Bad Schörgau hotel in the Sarntal valley. The chef will use saffron harvested by Afghan women in one of the dishes offered.
For the occasion there will be special panettone created by Andrea Tortora, AMPI Master Pastry Chef, considered best pastry chef by the Gambero Rosso and Identità Golose in 2017, and for the Espresso Guide in 2018. For the panettone Andrea Tortora will use vanilla from the farm in Uganda, another initiative supported by the Costa Family Foundation.
The dinner costs 240 Euro per person and the entire proceeds will go to charity for the project in Afghanistan.

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