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17 September 2019

Our very particular business card

I am from La Villa and I love the mountains. When I can, and the weather permits, I head for the mountains. I climb, walk, pedal, in winter I enjoy telemark style skiing too. In short, I like being outdoors. I have been working here n the hotel for four years now. It was a friend who told me that they were looking for a person in the booking office and I showed up for the interview. And here I am. Along with my office colleagues, Fabian and Lisa, we are the first to have contact with the guest. We consider ourselves, joking about it somewhat, the talking business cards of the hotel: Hotel La Perla, good evening, how may I be of help? I always introduce myself first, and then try to understand the needs, how best to fulfil requests, and to convey that sense of hospitality distinguished by a professional tone of voice. Our job is to get to know the guests even before they arrive here. It is nice to follow the process that goes from a first contact to the booking request and right through to the actual arrival. Whether the enquiry is for a room or a place in a restaurant, our seriousness and attention to achieving a positive outcome are always the same. It is a work of balance and sensitivity. Patience and courtesy. And when my work is over and done, especially during the summer days, I like make my way high up, hanging from a rope and touching with my hands the beauty of these rockfaces!