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14 January 2021

Ladin cuisine with an Alpine sauce

Around these parts, goulash has its own reason and the sweet that goes with the sour has a long history. One of the Ladin dishes has something of this about it, because we know and appreciate the value and taste of tradition. So, we prepare the roe deer steak with celeriac and burnt carrots, thinking about the contrast between the sweetness of the sauce enriched with a blueberry jam and the tenacious taste of a juicy meat like few others. With celeriac we make the puree. First, we burn the external part of the celery in a special grill, then we get the pulp and we transform it into a velvety sauce passed through hazelnut butter. We do the same with the carrots. To the sweet, and to the tasty we add the smoked touch. Not a bad way at all! What do you think?