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01 September 2019

Keeping up with the seasons

I have been here in the hotel for many years, it seems like a lifetime to think of it. A good life indeed. Here the seasons follow on one from the other very quickly. When it is winter you have to think about summer and vice versa. The two men in my life? I met Fabio and Giulio arrived. Yes, Fabio is my husband and Giulio is my son. Speaking of husbands, and in addition to sales, I also take care of the organisation of weddings at La Perla. Believe me, even if it does not seem like it, people keep getting married. What exactly do I do? Well, not only do I accompany the newlyweds step by step as they approach their big day, but I also try to solve any organisational problems and satisfy any requests. I take care of everything, from the wedding banquet to the civil or religious rites, from organising transfers of guests from the airport and train stations, to their accommodation in our rooms. Photos, videos, music, aperitifs, parties, invitations. I am available for all. One last thing to say: I like this house, I like the people who live here, I like the scent of the Dolomites, and when I am away at times, I always try to keep that magical scent alongside me.

Lisa, sales manager


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