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20 January 2021


Every now and then the earth creaks, it divides, it makes noise. The wind rises above the mountains and the sky spreads over the continents. Every now and then the earth roars, even if with sweetness it continues to give birth to the fruits that it leaves us in inheritance. Luckily for us, the sun caresses her and she rejoices. The earth is our mother, our home, emerged from the waters to give crystals that become living matter. Every now and then the earth mumbles, trying to wake us up from our torpor. It's time to put order in this house that the earth has given us, to put things right, to regain the lost balance before the moon plays with the tides. We are not the masters of the earth, we are guests and as such, we should have more respect for those who give us its fruits for millennia with inexplicable generosity.