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28 September 2019

Always look up

Sometimes looking at the ceiling is amazingly informing. Usually, we neglect to look up, maybe we just take a sneak peek and then go on, always looking around at eye level. Yet, staying with our noses in a more vertical position can bring us many surprises. What the photograph here proposes is a chandelier from the hotel that recalls, if we leave chandeliers behind for the moment, is the Light Space Modulator by Moholy Nagy, a multifaceted artist who founded his career on the relationship between man, light and space. Or maybe take a look at the creations of Olafur Eliasson, who with his sources of illusion such as lamps, projectors, mirrors, fans, pipes plays with the differences between their own and others' perceptions. Speaking of Eliasson, not to be missed is his great monograph at the Tate Modern in London on display until January 6, 2020, and entitled: Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life. But back to us. In admiring the ceilings lies not only the possibility of a more playful response to our way of being, a way too often serious and posed, but also the opportunity to establish a less obvious relationship with those around us, especially if we find them also engaged in exploring these unusual places.