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03 October 2020

Welcoming the parasols

Posta Marcucci, our hotel in Bagno Vignoni, Tuscany

Thanks to aesthetic perception, we can continue to live, converse, and connect with the earth on which we live, the essential dimension of our existence. Beauty is built upon beauty. Rampant ugliness is the perverse distortion of our sense of perception. And so we welcome the green parasols, the reinvented deck chairs, decades old, and the new ones made of wood, the round table with inlays and positioned partially in the indoor section of the thermal baths, the art nouveau coat racks and mirrors, the recycled wardrobes, the table that, while simple, boasts a fine solid walnut surface. These thousands of details have been carefully researched and selected so that every object expresses a particular element of a life that is not still, although art calls it so; rather, its static essence, the catalyst of emotions, exudes vitality. Such is the way: the aesthetic manner that passes through that extra moment created by the attention paid by the one who thought, organised, created and staged it. And, for us observers, guests and hosts, it is a pleasure amongst pleasures. So let us proceed, full steam ahead, to this world of hospitality, where the beauty of each thing is not overlooked but nurtured.