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05 October 2020

The hotel’s Chef

The discreet, inspired and Michelin-starred Nicola is our hotel Chef. He likes to put the best of Italy into his creations, with a Ladin and Pugliese touch. These creations are as authentic as the sound of bells ringing and as sincere as the waves of the sea. At Stüa de Michil, we offer alternating dishes that combine typically Alpine tastes with Mediterranean aromas. The dishes, all given strictly Ladin names, are true ambassadors of his gastronomical culture, including the ‘Panin’, a sandwich with suckling pig, scallops, and a herb and saba salad, all creating a menu that is both balanced and inventive. Indeed, the tasting menu, named Simbol, symbolises Nicola’s mastery and his tribe in the most authentic way possible. His ‘Canederli Grigi’ have been famous in the Dolomites and beyond for some time now: dumplings that symbolise both the region and his traditions. But Nicola leaves the rhetoric, which so often accompanies such words, outside the kitchen. And we are grateful for it.