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08 October 2020

Space and architecture

Our fully renovated kitchen

Let’s talk about space and architecture. To understand the art of architecture, I believe we should understand what it is not. It is not music, which is made of rhythm and harmony, although architecture may have its own form of musicality. It is not sculpture, although it may feature sculptural effects. It is not abstract painting, although it may reveal solid surfaces. Architecture is specifically characterised by its ability to determine the space in which humans live and work. Take Pienza, the ideal Renaissance town with its enchanting main piazza that looks like a home parlour. Its architectural dimension expresses harmony, thanks to the rational organisation of the spaces and the perspectives of the piazzas and buildings. A real gem that is as easy on the eyes as it is on the soul. And thus architecture is about space. Painting can colour a space, poetry can enter the space of a feeling or an emotion, it can create the echo of an image in our mind. But architecture is a living thing that removes a certain amount of space from the atmosphere, isolates it, protects it, brings it to life and moulds it like a sculptor moulds wood. Aside from its aesthetics, architecture is about functionality. It is a work to be made use of. One can say that functionality must have a relationship with beauty, otherwise, it clearly becomes nothing but a filler, the relocation of volume.

Even we hoteliers, who coexist within the conflict between functionality and beauty, have a need, nay a duty, to find an equilibrium in what we build, which is not just space subtracted from the air that surrounds us but, rather, something that fills the space by going beyond what we expect. Rationality, harmony, style. Yes, style and not buzz, a mass of cubes and speculation: because style goes beyond fashion, it never fades.

Michil Costa