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12 October 2020

Let us keep calm and be reasonable

The Dolomites are a tremendous sight, three hundred and sixty-five, or six, days a year. We know it is so. However, the idea of stopping for a moment and asking ourselves a question is a legitimate one: why should we flood there in August or in January when, in October, you can witness a chromatic metamorphosis that never fails to stun both our eyes and our heart? We are talking about the larches, those blessed larches that overwhelm the soul with their unprecedented gentleness, making you feel so small in October and November when they decide to change colour before they fully unveil themselves. Yes, the slopes are closed, as are the hotels. All except one. While silence reigns all around. All the more reason to say that this is the ideal time to experience the Dolomites. And that small hotel, the only one open in the valley, has its doors wide open just for you, oh wise guest who knows how to experience the best of things. The Berghotel Ladinia is its name, a small gem with wooden rooms that creak in beauty.