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04 October 2020

Biraria L’Murin, see you next summer

Like in middle-distance races, we started slowly for reasons we know well and arrived, deep into the season, with our bodies brewing with energy. And we are talking about energy to spend, rather than the other type of brew - no pun intended, of course. That said, for us, beer is a world we know well and want to continue exploring. Yes, these few months have been gloriously intense, characterised by good beer, naturally, and good music, along with so many lovely days and such wonderful people. And we know that people are individuals made of flesh and blood; they are not an indistinct homogeneous crowd. And so, we will see you next year, when the snow melts and days lengthen, and we sit outdoors drinking beer in blissful peace or in good company for the more, the merrier.