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02 October 2020

A day of non-violence

Mahatma Gandhi, photographed by Margaret Bourke-White

Imagining our world without violence is impossible. Yet non-violence is the only path we should choose for it will lead us to save humanity. But we prefer to manufacture weapons, burn our land, and do what we know. Today, we celebrate the international day of non-violence and the date is certainly no coincidence: on 2 October 1869, a man named Mohandas Karamchard Gandhi was born, also known as Mahatma, the Great Soul. Aside from the symbolic value of the anniversary, which will cause a few smiles, on this day, we invite our guests to reflect on a short sentence by Leo Tolstoy, who greatly inspired Gandhi, and to experience twenty-four hours of peace with ourselves and with others. ‘It is impossible to dry up water with water, to put out fire with fire, and to destroy evil with evil.’ Now breathe in deeply.