This is not a cliché.

04 October 2019

The clouds always tease us

The clouds always tease us. They sometimes enjoy mimicking and imitating street artists who entertain in front of the Beaubourg of Paris by ambling behind unknowing tourists.
The Sassongher remains fixed here, towering over Corvara in all its glory and the clouds decided to stop here and rest on its shoulders for a while. The joke: they have arranged themselves one on top of the other to recreate the silhouette of the mountain for a laugh or two. Who knows, perhaps Sassongher heard them laughing. We did: we felt a mix of amusement and wonder for quite some time. And then a poet came to our assistance to remind us that the clouds...
They are, like me, a ruined road between the sky and the earth, at the mercy of some invisible impulse, they may or may not thunder, they gladden the earth with their whiteness, sadden it with their darkness, fictions born of empty intervals and aimless meanderings, remote from earthly noises, but lacking the silence of the sky. Fernando Pessoa.