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17 January 2021

Idleness for a better life

Idleness has always created conflicting mindsets. Some believe it is the mother of all vices whereas others see it as an immeasurable virtue. We advocate the second hypothesis and thus we call upon an orator, a philosopher, and one of the greatest aphorist of all time to support our case. Cicero said the following: He does not seem to me to be a free man who does not sometimes do nothing. We fully agree. And now we move on to one of our favourite philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche: Idleness is the beginning of all philosophy. What? Is philosophy a vice? This quotation is peppered with a pinch of irony and a drop of sarcasm and we like it very much. And here is a strong phrase from the humorous Ambrose Bierce, loosely translated as follows: Idleness, lucid intervals in the chaos of life. And so, dear guest, if you wish to find respite from life’s trials and tribulations, allow yourself a healthy, therapeutic, necessary and beneficial dose of idleness. We are here to please you.