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20 November 2019

Starry thoughts

My cuisine is not tied to origins and roots as are so many others today. It is made of roots. That move in fertile terrain, moistened with fantasy, talent, respect and culture. I do not just look at quality. I like to look at what lies behind quality: a product may be excellent but if it originates from unworthy practices then it has no place in the kitchen. There is so much talk about a short supply chain, zero kilometres and respecting the environment in the kitchen. But it is one thing to fill your mouth with pretty words and quite another to satisfy people's palates by making logical choices without compromises. And here, at the Stüa de Michil, I can do just that because the Costa family asked me to. We are in perfect harmony. We take our values seriously, as we have to live up to them every day. Here, at the hotel, we care about the real deal, or rather, a real meal and I really believe in it. Some people come just to taste the Canederli grigi dumplings, which are famous across the Dolomites. We are talking about a dish that symbolises both the local area and tradition. This is something that really makes me happy.

Nicola, chef of La Stüa de Michil