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07 November 2019

L’Murin, the Bengodi of skiing

The white season is just around the corner. We are already preparing the ski wax and boots over here. And, what do you know, we are also taking care of the good old L’Murin, which during winter transforms into such a tranquil après ski. It is different from other après skis: so calm, quite the opposite of party central that one wonders why there is a queue to enter every day, and why there are hordes of bold youngsters making a racket as though they were in Bengodi's chicken coop. Incidentally, perhaps not everyone knows that Bengodi is a city quarter in Berlinzone, an imaginary place described by Giovanni Boccaccio in the third story of the eighth day of the Decameron, entitled Calandrino and the heliotrope. And perhaps not everyone knows what a heliotrope is, that wonderful stone that renders whoever touches it invisible. Dear friends of L’Murin, we advise you to get a little heliotrope so you can enjoy Bengodi’s very own après ski by skipping the queue without anyone realising. See you in a month, allez!