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10 November 2019

Even though there are two of us, we work as if we were three

Barista, barman or bartender? Without wanting to be blasphemous, we are one and one in three, that is to say that, behind the counter, we can do any job our work requires. And given that we work in shifts, we, of course, need to have all the necessary skills to serve a good artisanal coffee, cappuccino and cocktail. And so, in the morning we are baristas because we mainly serve coffee, cappuccinos and any typical drink you would expect from a cafe. We can even transform into veritable latte art experts, as we can draw special figures on our cappuccino, using milk foam, or Coffee Art Specialists since we handle coffee, milk and a whole host of other raw materials to create the most elaborate coffee-based beverages. We remain baristas in the afternoon, right up until teatime. But, as soon as night falls, we become barmen, that is to say specialists of the night who can prepare, stage and offer cocktails and drinks people want as an aperitif or more. Finally, we also belong to the bartender category as we have a deep knowledge of raw materials; we select ingredients and know how to analyse drinks on a sensory level to distinguish a top-quality product from one that is a simple brand name. And therefore, rest assured dear guest because, with us, you will be in good hands from morning until late at night.

Stefano and Antonio, baristas, barmen and bartenders at the Bar Bistrot