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09 November 2019

Berghotel Ladinia, much appreciated recognition

The Bolzano Cassa di Risparmio foundation, together with the Department of Cultural Heritage and the Union of Hoteliers and Public Owners, has established an award for historical hotels that continue to operate in South Tyrol. This is a significant testimony that evaluates criteria and values that relate to culture, a precise vision of tourism that combines innovation and tradition with creation, foresight and sensitivity. Our Berghotel Ladinia is set to receive special recognition in 2020 for the following reason:

‘The Costa family manages a hotel that is rich in traditions, according to the principles of the Economy of the Common Good, which aims to combine the well-being of people and the environment. They have successfully shown how slowing down, ecology and innovation can integrate together in harmony, even in the hotel sector. Ladinia’s authentic charm and welcoming atmosphere has won over thousands of holiday-makers from all over the world, as well as the jury.’

We are pleased and more than a little proud of this recognition, even though we like to keep a low profile, in keeping with the old mountain refuge atmosphere in our hotel, what with its creaking floorboards, the wood-panelled bedrooms, and the Ladin kitchen with its Alpine flair. This is our way of holding onto old times without being overly nostalgic but with renewed vigour. Yes indeed, because Berghotel Ladinia has remained the refuge of Cesco Kostner, a tourism pioneer in Val Badia, who established the place in the 1930s. Little has changed since then. It is as though the thread of memory that binds the past with the present was never severed. And we wish to keep this intact for the years to come.