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01 November 2019

A celebration that brings the earth and the heavens together

Today, we celebrate All Saints’ Day, a festival of hope that spread across Latin Europe in the 8th and 9th centuries. This beautiful day has retained something bright, a subtly auspicious thread that unites life on earth with the heavens. So you see, it is a good day to relax and stop for a minute to reflect on how we experience everyone's lives and how everyone lives the one same life. There is no longer anything that is just ours but, rather, everyone's. The richer we are and the more we share what we have with others, the better we live all together. A saint is all the more saintly the more they let their guard down when it comes to love and the less they close their wealth off to others. Even if this is not quite the way the world is going, it is nice to just pretend to be saints just for a day and think that peace and fraternity could cancel out the egoism and racism that dwells in us.