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13 November 2020

The Kingdom of Fanes

Originally, the Fanes were a mythical people who allied themselves with the marmots who lived on the same plateau. When the Queen married a greedy warmongering foreign King, he then replaced the marmot on the coat of arms the people had always had with an eagle, thus changing the atmosphere. The King soon made his daughter, Dolasilla, into a fierce fighter. Dwarves gifted her unfailing arrows and an impenetrable suit of armour. Under Dolasilla’s command, the Kingdom of Fanes grew in size until the Princess’ fatal meeting with the enemy warrior, Ey de Net. The two fell in love and decided to marry. Due to the dwarves’ prophecy that predicted Dolasilla would only remain invincible until she was married, the King strongly opposed this ill-fated marriage. The King foresaw the end of his kingdom. He then betrayed his daughter and his people by sending them off to be defeated in the final battle where Dolasilla was betrayed by the witchdoctor, Spina de Mul who stole her arrows and used them to kill her. Legend has it that the traitor King was turned into stone and the few survivors of the Kingdom of Fanes sought refuge with the marmots in a cave below the rocks of their kingdom. From then on and from time immemorial, they await the sound of the silver trumpets that will mark the rebirth of the kingdom.

To find out more, simply read the beautiful illustrated volume entitled Il regno dei Fanes by Memola and Vicentini.