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15 November 2020

Researching what?

“Objects do not need to please everyone, but they should serve everyone. Ignore the market research: if you manage to find the right answer to meet requirements then it will probably also be better than what else is out there.”

These few words by Enzo Mari, the designer, who passed away recently and was known for marching to the beat of his own drum, are enough to understand how revolutionary his thinking process was. In our time, market research represents the most powerful and conformity-generating dogma that exists on this Earth, equal to the Holy Inquisition. No productive action begins without a good decisive market survey. And this means: do what others expect of you, produce what others desire, create and work as if everything were already planned. Farewell, creativity. Only the talent, courage and skill, beyond all market research, of those who toil to provide answers for themselves and not because they are compelled to please others, can save us from the prevalence of standardisation.

Formosa, Perpetual Wall Calendar, Enzo Mari, 1963