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03 November 2020

Stëra de munt

‘The Edelweiss was ignored by valley dwellers until the tourists arrived. Then, thanks to the noble nonchalance of its particular beauty (its German name literally means noble white), it became emblematic of the values that the eighteenth-century bourgeoisie associated with the mountain and mountaineering. Indeed, the alpine star is fragile yet tenacious and is able to withstand the most extreme climate conditions. Its charm is coupled with humility and timidity. It is not particularly striking but it is as rare as the righteousness of the elite in London’s religion of the peaks. It does not share the loud colours of other flowers. Rather, its whiteness recalls the immaculate snow on the mountain peaks and evokes its purity, thus excluding anything to do with lowliness and vulgarity.’

This loose translation is one of the passages that characterises the alpine star, as found in Simboli della montagna by Franco Brevini, narrating a journey into the imaginary of the mountain, told through its symbols, such as the iconic flower of the Alps par excellence. And it is also the symbol of our lodge, the Ladinia.