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07 November 2020

Eugenio, lover of wine and friend of our hotel

He defines himself as an artisanal winemaker. He does not own vineyards, rather, he rents and cares for them. His first wine was the fruit of grapes grown with respect and dedication in 1997 and was named Esegesi. A name that Eugenio Rosi pulled out of his winemaker's hat. It is a red wine obtained from Cabernet and Merlot grapes, which embodies the traits of the Vallargarina in Trentino.

Eugenio is not a lover of industrial agriculture. He produces balanced wines through which he tries to respect and give voice to the one original element of the wine: its provenance and the territory.

Overall, Eugenio produces six rested, relaxed and exquisite wines that are bottled in six different bottles: Anisos (Nosiola, Chardonnay), Poiema (Marzemino), Cabernet Franc, Doron (sweet Marzemino), Riflesso Rosi (rosé) and the Esegesi that we mentioned earlier. And his wife Tamara personally designed the labels. Giulan, Eugenio and Tamara.