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14 November 2020

Economy for the Common Good

The last few years have been ones of crisis, not just for finance and the economy but also for the environment, the allocation of resources, democracy, and values. In this framework, growing unrest is generating a new awareness of the field of entrepreneurship. People are seeking a new way to do business, where profit is not the only goal, because they understand that often, the heightened search for improved financial results goes hand in hand with cutting jobs, destroying the environment and the land, growing poverty, worse healthcare and exacerbated crime rates. They understand that the quest for profit and competition promotes disloyal behaviour, devoid of values, a lack of trust, responsibility, mutual assistance and cooperation. Selfishness, greed, avarice and irresponsibility have created an error in the system. To repair this error, in 2011, a group of pioneer companies drafted the Common Good Balance Sheet for the first time. There are now over six thousand people in the world who support this alternative economic model. We too, for a few years now and in our own small way, have adopted the Economy for the Common Good as a tool for analysis based on social responsibility, environmental sustainability, democratic co-management and company solidarity.

The Common Good thus becomes a pivotal point in the success of a company, to the detriment of selfishness. Money is no longer an objective but a means necessary to place people at the centre of a new social and environmental dimension.