This is not a cliché.

12 May 2019

This summer L’Murin transforms to a beerhouse

Legend has it that this wooden house right opposite Hotel La Perla was once a mill, hence the Ladin name L'Murin. But no one here has ever seen shovels turn, not even bags of flour scattered around. Even the elders of the village say that a mill next to the beautiful church of Santa Caterina never existed. The fact is that now and for several years now L'Murin has been an authentic institution not only in Corvara but in the whole of Val Badia.
In winter it turns into a very popular Après Ski, with lots of music at full volume and skiers of all ages and sexes who have a great time.
In summer, L'Murin was for years a tavern that baked legendary pork ribs and a soup and beans. From this season it becomes a brewery, a meeting place made of music, also played live, soft lights, veranda and seats in the garden surrounding the house. The name is Biraria L'Murin, strictly in Ladin: it opens at 17.30 and closes at one in the morning, every day except Monday, when just like the barbers' shops it is closed! You can have an aperitif, you can dine, of course there are also pork ribs with potatoes in foil, but the emphasis is on beers, of a craft type and of excellent quality from all over Europe, served in bottles and on tap.
On Sundays, the Biraria opens from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. with dishes from Weißwurst, Brezel and Weizen, which here is called Frühshoppen, and those who want to have lunch can choose from the menu. Vives!