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28 May 2019

The Leoni della téranga

My name is Yero and I was born in Senegal. Obviously I cheer for the Leoni della téranga, which in my Wolof language means hospitality. And by the will of fate I came to this house that makes hospitality a value. Oh, yeah, sorry, maybe you don't know who the Leoni della téranga are. They are the players who play in our national team. Do you know the video that went around the world with my brothers dancing on the field before a World Cup game in Russia? Well, despite the poverty, we do not lack a sense of fun. Just as there is no lack of smiles and the desire to live. To find hope I walked from Senegal to Libya on foot. And with everything that's happened to me, I've never lost the urge to smile. I like the countryside here and in the off-season I'm a gardener in Bressanone. And, it goes without saying, that I always have a smile when I am gardening too!

Yero, works a little as concierge at La Perla and a little over in L'Murin.