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11 May 2019

The Giro d’Italia

Today, the Giro d'Italia visits our roads and our area for the 102nd time - the 102nd time since 1909, and since then the Giro d'Italia has always reflected the social history of the country. And vice versa. On many occasions, it is the history with the capital H to pedal with the cyclists, to the very point that in the microcosm of the two wheels you can see the epochal changes of Italy in the twentieth century and the beginning of the new millennium. A microcosm that over time has become a collage of emotions assembled to amaze, tell and come to terms with ourselves. We speak about our past, and without falling into the trap of nostalgia and rhetoric, we try to speak about our present with sobriety and energy. A collage in which hundreds of voices, testimonies and memories flow, giving life to an infinite story, in a space somewhere between memory and emotion. A collage in which the various fragments pull each other to arouse and solicit our hearts that pulsate under the weight of over a century of history.

Ps. In the photo, Fausto Coppi strikes out under the Sassongher: it is the 29th of May 1952.