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04 May 2019

San Floriano, the patron saint of firefighters

Those who go up to the third floor can meet San Floriano, or rather, the wooden statue that represents the patron saint of firefighters, given to Anni and Ernesto by an antiquarian friend of Munich after the first fire broke out in the house.
According to hagiographic tradition, St. Florian is a Roman soldier stationed in the Noricum, i.e. the region that today lies between central Austria and Bavaria, engaged in the defence of the northern border of the Empire. Converted to Christianity, he became a martyr under the empire of Diocletian: for this reason he was proclaimed a saint by the Catholic Church, which has remembered him for centuries on 4 May. According to tradition, as a young man, the saint extinguishes a house fire with prayer. There is also a version that tells how Floriano put out a fire using only a bucket of water. In any case, these are the reasons that lead the good Florian to be the patron saint of firefighters and invoked by Austria to the Marches and also in Poland against fires and floods. God bless him.