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07 May 2019

A message for newlyweds to be

Clean, clear, energetic air. Spires and peaks for an unforgettable setting. If the Dolomites are a World Heritage, there's a reason. A story of millenary beauty that lends itself perfectly to fulfil the dream of the bride and groom. Alta Badia, Corvara, a Ladin house: today the term location is in fashion, we like to think of a home for body and soul.

So, dear newlyweds to be, if you are looking for a location in which to celebrate an unforgettable moment of life, know that you will find one here, and with many people ready to devote themselves to you in the best possible of ways. We want you to be the real protagonists of a day that shall remain indelible in memory. And we want to see your eyes shine with joy. Because we know, as people like you, how important a day like this is. That is why we want to take away all your worries, free you from your anxieties and put you in the best possible condition to enjoy yourself, your friends and guests celebrating your day.

It's just the way we are and the way we do things. We don't offer packages, we don't follow standard clichés, we don't have magic formulas. What we can offer you is our personal commitment. We're real, real, in the flesh. We take responsibility. We work hard to ensure that everything goes according to plan. We want your day to be truly special. It's all yours!