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24 March 2020

When dreaming of spring...

Dear guest, picture the following.

Not long now until the cows graze on the fields, their coloured spots peppering the meadows. Our bell towers and mountain huts will be the belle of the ball, and the mountain paths await your arrival, wending their way among a unique, beautiful landscape. Flowers will bathe the meadows in colour, releasing enticing scents in the air, decorating the balconies, porches and windows of our homes. Everyone here knows that light follows darkness, and so crisp, fresh air and a relaxed ambience will follow the end of this storm. Just like everyone else, we too are dreaming of a new light which will bathe our lives in serenity. Did you know, that in the middle of all this chaos, this suffering, these challenges there is something simple we can do? Take our time to discover the beauty of things close to home, and not run after the allure of exotic destinations which are nothing more than stereotypical, standardised, global offers. The sound of pealing bells, the gentian’s colours, the energy of the Dolomites’ rock boast powerful therapeutic properties. The mountains are a source of natural wellbeing. Come and rediscover yourself, as soon as it is possible. Our daydreams are all about dipping our feet into the brook’s freezing water and smiling again. Soon, it will become true.