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15 March 2020

Doing the right thing now, living better in the future

These are difficult times. We woke up in a ‘protected zone’ feeling anything but. We keep on talking about what is happening without really knowing what is happening. This is not a terrorist attack: this is a virus which, unlike terrorist groups, is not headed by a person or has a specific goal. The virus snaked its way, all of a sudden, into our communities and our everyday life. Containing it and defeating it means a change in behaviour. Giving up certain things but seeing this as an opportunity to rethink and reprogramme ourselves – and maybe even as a way of finding ourselves. Enzo Bianchi’s words, founder of the Bose monastery in Piedmont, may not help us as much as give us a bit of solace.

‘This is an hour of crisis, an occasion to make a judgement and a choice. I do not feel comfortable in saying this crisis is an opportunity which will make us more sympathetic towards one another. Because suffering does not automatically increase love and goodness, but I feel justified in speaking of hope: if we do the right thing now, we will live better in the future.’