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05 March 2020

A centuries-old house

A 15th century house: our ‘ciasa vedla’, an old home. This is where I was born. Every time I look at it, or enter it, I understand how memories are not only personal. They are part of a collective memory, shared. Mine relate to the Ladin history, because I was born and grew up here: among these mountains, the size of an entire universe, and these wooden walls that have seen many a thing, since time immemorial. The old home is a piece of Ladin history which I have recomposed and fixed over the years. For the pleasure of who, when summer arrives, wants to spend some time in company and enjoy an aperitif and briefly enter a world which might seem distant but that is a lot closer than you think. This world lives on within us, now and forever. This is what happens, to a certain extent, when I enter the Ladinia. Our old mountain hut was the first guesthouse in Corvara in the 1930s, harbinger of a swelling tourism which was then stopped in its infancy by the war. This is what happens to me when I go down to Tuscany and visit the Posta in Bagno Vignoni. There is a different context, but there are similarities which come to the fore. The power of nature speaks the same language, be it here in the Dolomites or down there in the paradise called Val d’Orcia. A language of beauty that we have to preserve, cultivate, cherish. As I protected this Ciasa Vedla, a small home which is not only mine but belongs to everyone who wants to visit it.


Ernesto Costa