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11 March 2019

What I like to like

I like to play basketball, but now is not the moment.
I like to explore the mountains in the summertime,
and on my free days there is nothing better than to go up high.
I like Elisa, the lady responsible for Stüa de Michil, and that’s no secret now.
I like the fact that Michele has given space to beer here at La Perla.
I like to play my own little game and guess what the client is going to order.
I like that our team of nine move swiftly and smoothly around the Bistrot.
I like that all is neat, fast, and well organised from 8 in the morning right through to midnight.
I like it when the Bistrot is alive with music.
I like to eat well, even if you’d never guess from my nail-like physique.
And I like the fact that day after day there is still many a smile around.

Alessandro, responsible for the Bistrot