This is not a cliché.

13 March 2019


In the restuarant we have the girls, elegantly displaying the Ladin tradition in dress.
In the kitchen we have the boys who under their hats and uniforms have bags of talent.
They are not two worlds apart, but rather they are symetrical and communicating elements.
A dish may give the appearance of perfection,
Yet, without the well orchestrated steps, it will fail miserably,
Run the risk of becoming cold, losing consistency, fading like a cyclemen without water.
It must be said that a restaurant staffed by females alone has a certain sense of grace.
The words dedicated to the descriptions of wine have a special ring to them.
The words dedicated to the work of the boys sing of praise for a job really well done.

Stüa de Michil, a question of harmony between persons and service.