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17 March 2019

Once upon a time, in a bar in Bardolino

I was born in a bar which my parents had opened the day before I appeared.
Perhaps this is why I am a romantic at heart.
Perhaps this is why my tone of voice is a little high.
Perhaps this is why I am a touch exuberant.
Perhaps this is why I am a little too expressive.
You know, it was never easy to be heard in all that bedlem of the bar.
Yet, I must say that I owe everything to my parents:
the passion I have for my job is the fruit of the education they gave me.
A surprising thing is that I do not like cars, and in fact I do not possess one.
However, I do have two Vespa which I really do adore.
I am from Bardolino, and happy to move around by bike,
and my smile is as happy as a sailing boat drifting away on the lake.

Gaetano, second in charge in the Bistrot