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29 March 2019

Just like a stag coming out the forest!

At times they say that I am like a mountain bear. It must have something to do with the fact that I am thickset, have large hands and my hands are always in evidence – repairing cars (those of the guests included), adjusting lighting and electricity, and generally adjusting a thousand and one things. Just pass me a spanner, a drill, or a screwdriver and I will do the rest. And then they say that I do not talk much. Well, I talk when necessary and avoid wasting words, and as my voice is low they rarely hear me anyway. Do not worry though, for I know how to laugh and joke, and if there is something important to do I always make myself available. Some will say that I am prone to complain, but in reality all I do is explain what is not working right. Going back to the bear analogy for a moment, and what comes to mind is a phrase said by a famous co-national of mine, a proud Serbian like me. The football coach Vujadin Boskov once said of a famous player, ‘Gullit is like a stag which steps out of the forest’. So you see, rather than being compared to a bear, I would rather be likened to a stag. And to have a bit more hair would not be a bad thing either!

Goran, assistant to Artur for maintenance and guest arrivals


Nik Lee &The Marcos
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