This is not a cliché.

03 March 2019

Costa Family Foundation, an exhibition here in the hotel

We go back to 19 September 2007. The idea of Michil Costa and his wife Joe takes a concrete step forward: the Costa Family Foundation was founded and together they sew the seeds for a beautiful story which continues to look to the future with joy and confidence. The Foundation came to be so as support and promote the rights of young children in the whole world, and in these ten years or so many have been the objectives achieved and the dreams realised. It has been a long journey so far, one which started in north India with the start of a project to provide for Tibetan children in exile. Soon after, attention was focused on Togo, working alongside Sisters Patrizia and Maristella to help children living in more than difficult family circumstances. And then on to Uganda, with the creation of vegetable gardens in the school and the opening of a farm, a farm from which the vanilla we have in the hotel comes. Next came Afghanistan, a splendid country but decimated by years of an absurd war. Here in Afghanistan we look to assist the women and their families, developing saffron production as a form of micro-credit. These are all small stories but put together they become a big reality. It is for this reason that material has been produced, photographs taken, designs made. All in all a work of careful research and documentation so as to make sure that what has been done is not lost, and to be able to tell the story to those who want to know more about it and in greater detail too. As a consequence, the idea emerged to prepare an exhibition direct in the hotel and to put together a book ‘My brother is African’. In this way the story is told along the corridors which lead to our new offices and in the pages of the book itself. And so, here in the hotel we find African style material, photos in blown-up versions, corridors as display areas, books which hang from the ceiling. All has been studied to show that worlds and realities which seem far away are in fact closer to home than we think. The idea is to walk through a story, let a sense of optimism rise within you, and to smile and to understand that just a little help can make a big difference. To help one’s neighbour is a form of joy and not a burden. It should not be seen as a way to compensate in some manner for the privileges we have. It should emerge as a spontaneous and natural gesture, and as a prod to open oneself towards the other. / Exhibition times: open every day from 10.00 alle 18.00 /

Elide, responsible for the Costa Family Foundation