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24 January 2021

Art is what we need

This world is nice but difficult to understand, and this is why we need art. Yes, we need art in every single thing and in every single place, even if that place be a piece of curtain. The image we see here is a detail from a curtain which Stefan, as is his want, dug out from somewhere, and is now hung in the ‘white room’ of the Stues. It is a perfect example of something which may at the same time seem distant and yet it is so close to our reality that we feel we can touch it. We may have a dream of a world far away, maybe a world which we feel no longer exists, but when we see and sometimes touch a work of art, our dreams can live again and a lost reality may return once more. This is the way of art – at times a simple image carries us away to something which is out there somewhere, something immense which we wish to capture. Without art we lose any impetus to reach out and go beyond the everyday occurence.